Fractured Playing Cards reflect our feeling of living on a fault line with the ever-present threat of destruction. We have used a low poly mesh as the basis for the design with an embedded blue and red cloud to recall the fracturingearthquakes and disturbance that is occurring more and more often in our world. Living in New Zealand this is especially pertinent to us with many recent large and destructive earthquakes.

Limited print run, printed by USPCC (United States Playing Card Company).

Printed with the linen finish on crushed stock, perfect for magic and cardistry.

                                                                                       54 completely custom Playing Cards + double back and invert card.                                                                                                                              

The back has been designed with the bold low poly design and a split down the center representing a large fracture. It is framed with a small white bevel that highlights the strong geometric design.

The box is fully wrapped with the Fractured design. The box will stand out with its bold uncompromising design.

The faces are all individually designed to match the theme of the Fractured back design. Each individual pip and court card has been painstakingly handcrafted to maximise the uniformity of the cards while highlighting the individuality of each face design,