QR Playing Cards

Printed with the linen finish on crushed stock, perfect for magic and cardistry.

54 completely custom Playing Cards + ad card and double back, making it perfect for magic.

Limited print run, printed by USPCC (United States Playing Card Company).Shipped from the USA by Gambler’s Warehouse.

The back design for QR Playing Cards represents a traditional QR code with a bold black and white design made up of the bottom 2/3 of two QR codes. 

This enables the design to fit the aspect ratio of a poker sized playing card.

The points in the corners of the QR codes make it naturally good to fan and look very effective in aerials as well as packet cuts.

 Against colorful backgrounds, QR Playing Cards stand out with its bold design. 

Because of the detailed yet simple design, QR Playing Cards look outstanding in displays.

We spent a lot of time trying to make the tuck case look perfect. We achieved our desire to have a QR code on the front of the box that is scannable.

The detailed yet simple design on the box displays the scannable QR code on a detailed but soft background giving a sense of minimalism to the box.  

The deck design is on the back of the box so you can display the pack of cards without even opening the box.

We made sure the pips were very easy to read. There are a total of 8 pip designs (two for each suit).  The first and most frequently used pip design is easy to read and very minimalist. The second is a special pip based on the same concept but showcasing the QR code part of the deck.  

This special pip is included only once on every card (except for the court cards) and is randomly placed on each card. This gives it a very unique effect for cardistry as each face card will look different.

The court cards again use a minimalist but detailed design. We wanted the court cards to be faceless but to also be very easy to recognize.  The court cards stick heavily to the QR code theme.

The jokers may look the same but they are subtly different. Each joker has its own QR code taking you to a different website when scanned.

We wanted to make the Ace of Spades scannable. To do this we took 3 of the same QR code and made the shape of a spade. This means the Ace of Spades is scannable.

The ad card is a simple design displaying our logo.